Kilcurry locals react to latest whiskey site developments

The plans contravene the County Development Plan - but it may still proceed regardless

Barry Landy


Barry Landy



Kilcurry locals react to latest whiskey site developments

John Gartlan (inset) is part of the Kilcurry Concerns Residents Group who have aired their concern over the latest development in the whiskey warehouse saga

Local residents in Kilcurry have expressed their "disappointment" and "sadness" at Louth County Council's decision to consider a move to build 13 whiskey warehouses in the area. 

The local authority are giving consideration to an application to build a new whiskey warehouse facility in Kilcurry - consiting of 13 maturation warehouses on an 111 acre site. 

The council is considering giving planning permission for the whiskey warehouse facility despite the application contravening the Louth County Development Plan. 

The development has been planned by John Teeling's Great Northern Distillery Limited, with the planning application first being lodged with the council at the end of September 2017. 

In a statement, Kilcurry Concerned Residents - one of the original appellants of the application said, 'It is still the opinion of the Kilcurry Concerned Residents committee that our community is not a suitable location for a large scale development like this.

'We are disappointed and saddened by the decision of the Louth Planning Authority, which despite a large number of observations, concerns and petitions have decided to approve this development pending material contravention of the county development plan.

'There are over 70 houses (all with wells for primary water supply) a school with over 200 pupils, a church, crèche and resource centre all in the immediate perimeter of this proposed development (over double this amount if the radius is extended to 800m),' it continued.

'We, as community, have highlighted the many concerns and dangers associated with a development like this and have liaised with other communities in Scotland and the USA who are currently dealing on a day to day basis with many of the issues we highlighted.

'It would be our wish and desire that the elected representatives of Louth County council do not allow this material contravention to proceed.'

42 submissions in relation to the proposal have already been lodged with the local authority, however it is understood that the final decision will now be put to councillors later this summer. 

The project plan materially contravenes two aspects of the Louth County Development Plan 2015-2021. The first is in relation to 'large scale industrial and commercial developments not being 'considered appropriate' for a greenbelt area around Dundalk. 

The second is encouraging residential development that is commensurate with the availability of public services and facilities locally.

The council are seeking submissions with the closing date Thursday May 17th at 4.30pm.