"Net closing in" on illegal tyre dumpers, says Watters

Around 100 tyres were dumped at Bellurgan Point

Barry Landy


Barry Landy



"Net closing on" on illegal tyre dumpers, says Watters

Tyres discovered at Bellurgan Point today (Thursday, March 15th). (Pic: Antoin Watters Twitter)

Tyres were dumped at two locations around the Bellurgan Point area of Dundalk overnight - but Sinn Féin councillor Antoin Watters says the net is closing in on those responsible for the acts around North Louth and beyond. 

Councillor Watters says he met with council officials on site after around 100 tyres were discovered in two separate dumps. One batch of around 30 were strewn down on the sea front while another 60 were left by a gate on the road adjacent to the coast itself, in front of the nearby houses. 

"The net is closing in on the culprits," Watters said on Twitter. The latest dumping is thought to be the eighth such occurrence in the area already in 2018. 

Also last night, around 200 tyres were dumped in Drumconrath Co. Meath, just over the border between the two counties. 

The local representative also took time to praise council staff for their work in trying to tackle the issue. "Also during the last week, Fixed Penalties Notices [were] issue[d] to people found dumping household waste."

"They're making inroads in trying to find the culprits," he told the Dundalk Democrat this afternoon. "They've caught a lot of people for things like fly tipping and they're doing good work."

Last month, Watters hit out at the continued instances of tyre dumping, especially in areas such as Edentubber. 

"It's becoming a weekly pilgrimage for me heading to Edentubber to see more tyre dumps," he told the Dundalk Democrat. "There is definitely a problem with illegal dumping in Louth."