ESB 'hampered' by weather as power outages hit Louth

"Access issues due to snow and ice are hugely hampering our efforts."

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


ESB 'hampered' by weather as power outages hit Louth

ESB Networks are working across the country to repair faults.

1,119 properties across Louth are without power this afternoon, according to ESB Networks, and the company say they are not in a position to guarantee a return of supply to all customers. 

Areas across Louth - including around Ardee and Dromiskin which are the most northerly areas, are affected while Drogheda is experiencing most of the outages in the county. 

ESB Powercheck's facility says most power supplies will be back in action by this afternoon but it says some customers in Drogheda may not get power back until 8pm. Even then, there are no guarantees given the weather conditions and limited accessibility to repair teams.

"As of 12:20 pm, there are 350 faults affecting 26,000 homes and business who are without electricity, predominantly in the east of the country and Co Cork," an ESB statement read. "In the normal course of events, this would be a very manageable number of faults for ESB Networks to deal with, but access issues due to snow and ice are hugely hampering our efforts to restore electricity supplies.

"We understand how difficult it is to not have electricity in these conditions and so our staff are focussed on trying to restore supply to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. 

"There are deep snow drifts in various parts of the country and so it is taking our crews a very long time to travel to each fault. It is also more difficult than normal to then carry out a repair.  

 "We will continue to work with the emergency services and Local Authorities to ensure the safety of the pubic and to minimise disruption and are seeking assistance from other state agencies to help us with access.  However, it is unlikely that we will be able to restore supply to all customers today as a result of the conditions. Updates and more specific restoration times will issue later today."