Council issue update as ambulances in difficulty across county

Louth County Council say they have had to help several ambulances in difficulty

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Council issue update as ambulances in difficulty across county

Gritting and ploughing work has gotten back underway.

Ploughers and gritters are back on the roads this morning - after Louth County Council temporarily suspended all such activity yesterday due to the severity of the weather conditions. 

The local authority are currently working to clear both the N2 and N51 of sizeable snow drifts which are blocking the main roads. 

'Louth County Council met with the HSE and An Garda Síochána under the Major Emergency Management structure by way of interagency conference call at 9 am this morning,' they said in a statement released to the press. 

'While nationally the blizzard warning has been lifted, the public are advised not to drive at present. We have a number of private vehicles blocking the roads and impeding the work of the ploughing crews. The red weather warning is still in effect
and the public are advised to use caution if going outdoors.'

The council have also confirmed that it provided overnight assistance to ambulance crews who became stuck in the snow, with one such instance occurring on the N33 Ardee Link Road. Fire Services were deployed to help with the digging out of the ambulance vehicles. 

According to Eamonn Wolfe of the Louth Fire Service, a number of ambulance crews responding to emergency calls got stuck overnight. The council say they have cleared six cars and two lorries from the N33. It is now passable and vehicles are moving.

Louth County Council staff continue to monitor the weather conditions and manage requests for assistance in a timely and safe manner,' they continued. 'The multi agency team will meet again at 12 noon to assess the situation.