CSO figures reveal most popular baby names in Louth in 2017

Little ditty about Jack and Amelia

Barry Landy


Barry Landy



CSO figures reveal most popular baby names in Louth in 2017

The figures were released today by the Central Statistics Office

There'll be a lot of Jacks and Amelia's starting school around Louth in four or five years time - as new figures from the Central Statistics Office today confirmed they were the most popular new baby names chosen by parents in the county in 2017. 

In fact, Jack was the most popular boys names in 14 counties and cities across Ireland in 2017, moving it up one place from the 2016 figures when it was second only to James. This time around, James is the second most chosen new baby boy name. 

The top five boys’ names are Jack, James, Daniel, Conor and Sean - and remarkably, they have been the top five across the country since 2007, with only the order changing between the years. 

The figures show that the majority of Mums and Dads in Louth named their newborn baby girls Amelia in 2017. While Amelia was the most popular girls name in Louth, Emily remains the most popular throughout the country for the seventh straight year. 

The top five girls names nationally in 2017 were Emily, Emma, Amelia, Grace and Sophie.