Lisa Dunbar's health hacks: Four ways to fit more water into your diet

Top tips from the Dundalk-based health and nutrition coach

Lisa Dunbar


Lisa Dunbar


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Our bodies are constantly losing water, so it's up to us to keep replacing it.

As a Nutrition and Health Coach, I naturally talk a lot about food. But there’s one other thing I always discuss with people first, something even more important - water.

Drinking more water is one of those things that’s on most people’s “must try to do” list. We all know we should do it, but we’ve kind of started to see water as a choice of beverage, and when the other choices are things like soft drinks, lattes, and energy drinks, water often doesn’t stand a chance!

The thing is, up to about 70% of the human body is actually water. That’s why water is so important to us. There is water in every part of us – our brain, our muscles, even our skin and bones! Now, you’re probably thinking “If there’s so much water already in my body, why do I need to drink it?”

And you could be forgiven for thinking that! But our bodies are like a factory, one that is constantly using, and therefore LOSING, water. This water needs to be replaced.

If we don’t replace it, even mild dehydration can affect us in so many different ways, contributing to tiredness, headaches, dizziness, muscle pain, joint pain, dry skin, dry hair …the list goes on. I’ve seen clients dramatically improve how they look and feel by simply upping their water intake.

We’re all different and have different needs, but a good general target is to drink 2 litres (8 small glasses) of water a day. Here’s a few things you can try in order to hit that target:

Start small
If you're not a big water drinker, just start with drinking an extra glass or two a day and then gradually build it up over a few weeks.

Create a habit
Try to incorporate drinking water into your daily routine. For example, drink a glass when you wake every morning or before each meal.

Liven up your water
Plain sparkling water and herbal teas also count towards your daily water intake and you can liven up your water by adding some fruit to it.

Take it with you
Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day so you will always have it to hand. The bigger and heavier the better, so you’ll be more likely to drink from it to make it lighter.

Lisa Dunbar is a Nutrition and Health Coach based in Dundalk. Having used diet and lifestyle changes to help recover from physical and mental health challenges, Lisa is now on a mission to motivate others to live a healthier life. 

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