AA warns Louth motorists to exercise caution as temperatures set to dip


Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

AA warns Louth motorists to exercise caution as temperatures set to dip

AA warns Louth motorists to exercise caution as temperatures set to dip

Motorists in Louth are being advised to slow down in the coming days as Met Eireann warns of a risk of snow, ice and frost across the country, particularly in northern counties.

According to Met Éireann, a polar maritime airflow becomes established over the country on Monday and persists through much of the week.

In advance of the cold spell, the AA are urging motorists to adapt their driving accordingly, including slowing down on affected routes and being on the lookout for vulnerable road users.

While a drop in temperatures can lead to a reduction in the number of cyclists and pedestrians on the roads, the AA is advising that these vulnerable road users will still be present and falling sleet or snow could make it more difficult for motorists to see clearly.

Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs, had this to say:

“In a sense the fact that we’ve had similar weather already this winter is a good thing in the sense that we have some recent experience of what it’s like to drive in snow and icy conditions.

"Despite this, it’s important that motorists adapt their driving accordingly and don’t overlook the risk that these conditions can present for all roads, and particularly cyclists and pedestrians.

“The most important thing for motorists to bear in mind is to reduce your speed where necessary, but also to allow additional room when overtaking vulnerable road users.

"Furthermore, only overtake other road users when it’s safe to do so and remember that falling snow can severely hamper visibility."

With a cold snap expected from Monday, AA Rescue is warning that a spike in breakdowns is possible early in the working week.

As cars are more likely to be idle over the weekend period, a drop in temperatures can lead to issues with older or weaker batteries no longer functioning correctly.

“Whenever we talk about a dip in weather conditions older cars or those with less reliable batteries are always the first to feel the impact, Faughnan continued.

"If you’re not planning on using your car over the weekend period it can still be worth starting it for a few minutes just to ensure the cold weather doesn’t affect your battery", he added.

“In particular, anyone driving home from work on Monday and Tuesday evening, when it appears the risk of snow or ice will be at its highest, needs to drive with extra care as the absence of daylight combined with treacherous conditions can greatly increase the danger of driving.”