Dundalk Dog Rescue unable to save more pound dogs like Brad

Louth charity launches urgent appeal for dog foster carers

Tamara O'Connell


Tamara O'Connell

IDDT49 Brad the rescue dog

Dundalk volunteers gave rescue dog Brad a much needed makeover

DUNDALK Dog Rescue has launched an urgent appeal for foster carers as it is operating at peak capacity and can't take any more dogs out of Louth dog pound.

Susan Wallace from Kilkerley, a volunteer with Dundalk Dog Rescue, told the Dundalk Democrat that it's "heartbreaking" to not be in a position to help more dogs.

The St Vincent's Secondary School Irish teacher is appealing to dog lovers to help by fostering dogs from Dundalk Dog Rescue. She is encouraging people who are not in a position to foster to donate to the charity instead.

"We launched a fundraising campaign in April to raise money for a new shelter in Dromiskin. We have raised €80,000 out of a €205,000 target," said Susan.

Pictured above: Dundalk Dog Rescue Volunteers transformed Brad the rescue dog with a much needed makeover

Dundalk Dog Rescue currently has 79 dogs in its care but only has room for a maximum of 80 dogs and is unable to take more dogs out of the pound.

"The pound can only hold a dog for a day if it's been surrendered and five days if it's a stray. Volunteers walk dogs every Saturday and it's so upsetting to think of the situation they are in," said Susan.

"We're not looking forward to Christmas. We would like people to know that Santa has put out an appeal asking anyone who gets a dog for Christmas to please look after them for life."

Susan praised all of the volunteers who devote so much of their time and energy to helping animals through Dundalk Dog Rescue.

IDDT49 Paddy Monahan Woodbury Gardens

"Paddy Monahan works for National Pen and is just amazing. He puts in an enormous amount of hours on top of his full-time job. Edel Nolan is a teacher in De La Salle and she's secretary of Dundalk Dog Rescue.

"She does amazing work too and so does Bobby Wayne from The Food Hall. Bobby is the project manager for the new dog sheleter," she said.

She added: "I'm a very small cog in a very busy machine. There are lots of hardworking volunteers who deal with rehoming, transport, fundraising, social media, walking and veterinary care."

Paddy Monahan from Woodbury Gardens, Dundalk said: "Most of our dogs come from the pounds. If we don't get more foster carers a lot of dogs will end up being put to sleep.

"If people can't foster please donate. They can do it online via a link on our website dundalkdogrescue.ie. It's very easy to do and would be really appreciated."