Illegal diesel dump clean-up in Louth cost €12,000

Louth Cllr Mark Dearey seeks answers about new fuel markers

Dundalk Democrat


Dundalk Democrat

Illegal diesel dump clean-up in Louth cost €12,000

LOUTH County Council has said that it is not the local authority's responsibility to check for markers in illegal diesel dumps.

The clean-up of two diesel fuel dumps in Co Louth in September last cost €12,000, according to Louth County Councillor Mark Dearey.

Cllr Dearey put forward a question about markers in fuel dumps at this month's Louth County Council meeting, which was held on Monday, November 20. 

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Dearey said: “I would like to know if historical markers or new radiological markers were found during the clean-up operation.”

According to a spokesperson for Louth County Council, it is the role of the council to ensure that residue from diesel dumps are disposed of safely in accordance with legislation.

He added: “We provide everything to the Environmental Protection Agency and we're in constant negotiation and conversation with them.”

In order to distinguish between the reduced tax rate of marked gas oil or marked kerosene from the standard tax rate of road diesel, Revenue markers are added to these products.

The markers added to marked gas oil produce a green colour and the markers added to marked kerosene produce a red colour.

It is illegal to use marked gas oil or marked kerosene in road vehicles. Where Revenue Officers suspect or detect the presence of the fuel marker in a road vehicle, the vehicle is liable to seizure and the owner and/or driver liable to prosecution.