Specialised Drugs Unit proposed for County Louth


Dundalk Democrat


Dundalk Democrat

Specialised Drugs Unit proposed for County Louth

A specialised drugs unit is set to be considered for County Louth.

Speaking at last night's Local Policing Forum in Dundalk Town Hall, new Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan confirmed a full review of illicit activity in the region will be carried out to determine whether or not a designated unit should be assigned.

"In my former role in Cavan-Monaghan, I quickly established that there was a serious drugs problem and a specialised taskforce was set-up accordingly.

"If I feel there is a similar need in Louth I won't hesitate to do likewise.

"In my experience, if there is a prevalence of heroin in the area then you have a problem. In that regard, we definitely have a serious problem here."

In total there have been a total of 846 searches across the year (an average of three per day), with 71 successful detections.

"Those charged have been brought before the courts and will be dealt with accordingly.

"It's a sad reality that the people who buy the drugs are also somewhat at risk as they are the ones empowering dealers to stay in business. We have to employ a two-pronged approach with that in mind."