Calls to improve Dundalk public transport network

Proposal to create a map of the existing public transport network

Ronan Mullen


Ronan Mullen

Council keen to establish improved Public Transport Network across Dundalk

Mark Dearey is seeking to front an improvement to the transport network across Dundalk & North Louth.

Councillor Dearey was speaking at last night's meeting of the Dundalk Municipal District Council, where he set forth a motion for the establishment of a Local Public Transport Partnership in line with the key public transport strategy recommendation in Dundalk's Smarter Travel Plan 2010.

The initiative would involve bringing together various stakeholders, including representatives from each of the local bus operators, the business community, bus user representatives and Louth County Council.

"We are lucky enough to be one of a very select few town across Ireland serviced by Bus Eireann and we need to be making better use of it where possible.

"This involves not only improving the system but making the community aware of what's available at present.

"Given the times we live in, and the growing financial strain of running a car, it's imperative that people in the area know the options that are available to them."

Councillor Emma Coffey echoed those sentiments, endorsing the establishment of a comprehensive map detailing the transport lines currently in place across the county.

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