This injured bird on Earl Street needed help - what happened next will warm your heart

Staff reporter


Staff reporter


This injured bird on Earl Street needed help - what happened next will warm your heart

The bird sits injured on Earl Street

A remarkable act of kindness by a local man shows just what can be achieved when you don't give up on an animal.
Muhammad Zaheer from Dundalk happened upon an injured bird on Earl Street this week, and their story will warm your heart.

“I was walking in the town around 9 am. While passing by Earl Street, I saw on the floor a helpless bird lying down with the head up asking for help.
“It was neither moving nor flying but just blinking its eyes.
“I could see life in it. “

Mohammad watched for several minutes, but no one came to the starling's aid.

“I went to nearby shops and asked them if they have something like a box or cardboard to carry it. Finally some kind ladies from Dealz helped me with the box.
“I am very thankful of their help. They advised me to take it to a vet.

“I carried it and looked for a veterinary surgery.”
Seeing the condition of the bird, the surgery offered to put the animal to sleep.
“They offered to euthanise the bird, which I didnt want to do.
“I decided to take it to my home and give it some treatment by my own.
“It was so weak. It couldn't move.”

Although Mohammad did not know how the animal came to be injured, he couldn't bear the thought of killing it.

“I thought to myself how can anyone think to kill something when there is a life in it. I was very depressed.
“I gave it something to eat and drink. It drank some water and ate some seeds.”

Slowly the bird started to come back to life.

“It started to move and walk. I was so amazed to see it getting better. I kept it near a heater. It was feeling comfortable in warm surrounding. After few hours it started to fly little bit. And it was playing with me. It came to stand on my hand.

"Later on I thought to leave it free in the garden. So I took it to nearby park.
“I left it there for some minutes and then it flew to off.
“It was a great experience I had. I will never forget this incident.”

Mohammad believes more should be done to help rescue birds in distress.

“I hope this story raises awareness for injured and helpless birds.
“My message is for everyone that we shouldn't give up. If someone has a life whether its a human or any living thing, we should have to try our best to help it. It's Karma. What goes around comes around. Help others in their need, and you will be helped by others in your need.”