Overheard in Dundalk: The Work Christmas Party

David Lynch


David Lynch

Overheard in Dundalk: The Work Christmas Party

We've all been there - the office Christmas party.
Here's a few seasonal crackers you're bound to hear around Town this year:

1. 'There's no way I'm heading to Ridleys, seriously.'

2. 'I wouldn't touch her/him with yours.'

3. 'I'm gonna get the spuds in early to lay the foundations, you know what I main?'

4. 'Did you get that Christmas jumper in Penneys? So did I!'

5. 'Will we nip across to the Jockeys for a sneaky one before the rest arrive?'

6. 'I'm heading home to get ready first, so I'll meet yous there.'

7. 'Did you bring the company credit card with you?'

8. 'We'll each throw in a tenner to cover the bill.'

9. 'Who had the f**kin double vodkas and Red Bulls?!'

10. 'Are you gonna chance your arm with her/him, or what?'

11. 'Shots!'

12. 'Did you take my jacket with you from the restaurant?'

13. 'Will you relax. I put it in the cloakroom.'

14. 'Where did those two get off to?'

15. 'Oh my Gawd! That's my song!!!'

16. 'Will someone ring Sevens and get him home.'

17. 'That's yer wan from admin I was telling you about.'

18. 'Yeah? She looks completely different tonight.'

19. 'Curry chip and a bender burger please mate.'

20. 'I'm telling ya, nothing happened.'