21 Pure Dundalk Things

David Lynch


David Lynch



21 Pure Dundalk Things

- Getting 'claimed' after school in either St Leonard's Garden or The Fairgreen - it involved fighting of some sort.

- Harp is a lifestyle choice; not just a drink.

- You go 'down to Newry', but 'up to Dublin' - for whatever reason.

- Liver and chips from The Roma - still not sure about this local delicacy, but it's a big hit.

- A walk down the Navvy Bank - just because it's nice.

- Going to Oriel Park on a Friday night (or any night it seems at the minute).

- The Blessing of the graves at Dowdallshill - we've all been that soldier.

- Heading out to the Rawk (Blackrock) on your bike during the summer

- A trip to Jonesborough in the lead up to Halloween - Black Cat bangers
spilling out of your arse pockets on the way home.

- Some clever clogs putting washing up liquid into the old fountain at The Square.

- 'Top Drawer' upstairs in the Old Shopping Centre - lots of wonderful goodies and gadgets.

- Heading to Carlingford on a Sunday afternoon with your parents and playing on the swings in the playground until home time.

- Everybody has a relative who worked in either: PJ Carroll's, Clarks, Keytronics, Harp or Ecco (or all of them).

- The 'Back of the Wall' is a magical place.

- Getting stopped at the army checkpoint on the way down to Newry back in the day.

- That first day in secondary school when the lads from the country arrived in and sounded bizarrely foreign.

- Pearse Park is the spiritual epicentre of the town.

- You always have a preferred taxi company - Sevens, Shevlins, Fives, Avenue, Rock etc...

- McEnteggarts will always be known as the Vinegar Man's.

- The Santa Claus in the Old Shopping Centre was simply terrifying.

- Is St Patrick's actually a cathedral?

- Is it The Hotel Imperial or the Imperial Hotel?