Exhibition to show abandoned buildings

County Musuem

Exhibition to show abandoned buildings
Conor Martin editor@dundalkdemocrat.ie @DundalkDemocrat

A solo photographic exhibition entitled 'Forgotton Lives’ will be held in the County Museum Dundalk, by Ian Russell from the 1st - 16th July.

The event will be launched by Baz O'Siordain at 6.30pm on Friday 1st July. Baz is a skilled photographer and is also known at Derelict Ireland.

Ian has been photographing abandoned houses and cottages throughout Ireland in order to document the lives that once lived within the walls.

This is the point of his exhibition ‘Forgotton Lives’ his first photographic exhibition.

Photographer Ian Russell: “Forgotton and lying abandoned, an old house lies decaying and unloved and yet it can be a thing of beauty and mystery.

“I have visited many of these places, drawn by this mystery and intrigue and have attempted to capture these Forgotton Lives through my haunting images.

Ian is passionate about social history and also photographs once great buildings, from grand big houses to small abandoned cottages.

He is particularly passionate in recording the often ignored and disappearing social history of the Irish Countryside.

“A forgotton life beneath the dust, hidden by time and perception but not by imagination.

“This is what I strive to capture through my work, the human story behind the abandoned ordinary. By exhibiting these images I am inviting the viewer to alter their perception of abandonment, to see beyond the decay, but to see the life beyond, the family, the Forgotton Lives”, he said.

Ian Russell was born in Drogheda, Co. Louth and now resides in Dromiskin, Co. Louth.

He is a professional archaeologist and historian and has been photographing and recording historic places and buildings since an early age in order to preserve their image by record for future generations.

The County Museum, Dundalk is located in a beautifully restored late 18th century warehouse in the Carroll Centre at Roden Place in Jocelyn Street.