The Democrat back in 1916


David Lynch


David Lynch

The Democrat back in 1916

As the centenary of the Easter Rising in 1916 approaches The Democrat will be commemorating those hundred years with a unique look at life in Dundalk and county Louth a century ago.

In next week's newspaper you will have the opportunity to look back at the news and stories that were making the headlines in this county during a tumultuous period in our history.

With the help of local historians, this traditional broadsheet replica of The Democrat from that time, will allow you to step back in time to read all about a country both long gone, yet somehow still very close to hand.

This fascinating and free supplement will run for four weeks and take us right up to that defining moment.

Dundalk's own part in the Rising is detailed and offers an incredible insight into the motivations of those that volunteered and lived through it.

With unrivalled archive access this four-week series will whet the appetite of anybody interested in local history at this time - young and old.

You will see how this newspaper looked back then and perhaps you might even spot some local businesses that are still trading today.

See also if you can spot an ancestor's name among the stories and marvel at the innocence of life back then compared to today's hectic world.

So make sure you pick up a copy of The Democrat newspaper next Tuesday morning and let us take you on a local journey through life in 1916 Louth.

It's sure to be the talk of the town.