Muirhevnamor complex set to open

Sports Centre

Muirhevnamor complex set to open

The Dundalk Sports Centre is set to re-open in February.

The centre has undergone a massive redevelopment over the last two years, though it stalled on a number of occasions due to difficultiessurrounding its development.

The new design is aimed at making the facilty accessible to all, while making the complex look as a ‘top class’ as the service it aims to provide.

Most of the works were aimed at widening doors and accessways.

The Dundalk Sports Centre which opened in 1982 was built to meet the Council’s community objectives and the sports and leisure needs of people in Muirhevnamor and beyond.

It has one of the largest in-door halls in the county as well as 3 MUGA playing surfaces and a full-sized outdoor FIFA One-Star All-Weather playing pitch.

The centre was originally meant to be finished by the end of the 2014.