Meet The Candidate

Declan Breathnach (Fianna Fail) - Louth Constituency

Declan Breathnach (Fianna Fail) - Louth Constituency

What do you think will be the main issues coming up on the doorsteps in Louth when the election campaign officially gets under way?

Housing and homelessness – people in rented accommodation having no security and at risk of being made homeless – no social housing, health and particularly access to mental health services, the fear of needing hospital care and being stuck on a trolley, shortage of childcare places and high cost, climate change and how Ireland is not doing enough to meet our goals and rural broadband.

What should be the key local priorities for the Louth/Meath East constituency in the next Dail?

Getting more social housing built and funding for upgrading vacant social housing within current estates to get them back on-line. More funding for local healthcare in Louth including home care packages - more respite places and better access to mental healthcare. More funding for upgrading rural roads. Getting decent high-speed broadband into all areas and ensuring the best Brexit outcome for border region.

Why should people vote for you?

I have been passionate about representing the people of Louth and Coastal Meath in Dáil Éireann for the last four years and on Louth County Council for 25 years prior to this. I want to progress this work and continue to be available to the constituents of Louth & Coastal Meath to assist with their issues and to work at a national level on major issues such as how Brexit will affect border communities such as ours.

If you had the power to make one big thing happen, locally or nationally, what would it be?

(Sorry I can’t boil it down to one big thing) - That broadband would be delivered to every household rural and urban in Louth; Build more social housing in Louth to reduce housing list; Introduce a workable affordable housing scheme to facilitate a way for ordinary income workers to buy their own home; reduce healthcare waiting lists.

Who will top the poll in the Louth/Meath East constituency?

Genuinely I say may the best man or woman win and my hope is that whoever the five new TDs will be that they can work collectively to promote the interests of the people of Louth and Coastal Meath.