WATCH: Dundalk duo Dolores and Lily talk about getting 'inked' for charity

Best friends speak about their life in Dundalk

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Dundalk women, Dolores Waller and Lily Barnacle, are getting 'inked' to fight the stigma of ageing and raise awareness and funds.

This week, ALONE and the Ink Factory in Dublin have released a video featuring Dolores, aged 65, and Lily, aged 74, who are both involved in the ALONE Ladies Choir in Dundalk.

In the video, the best friends speak about their life in Dundalk and how ALONE has helped them to stay active and pursue grants to improve their homes.

Dolores and Lily will travel to Dublin to join three other ALONE service users on Sunday, September 9th to get inked with the help of the talented artists at The Ink Factory.

Originally from Newry, Dolores struggled with loneliness. She found ALONE through Lily, who encouraged the talented singer to join the Ladies Choir last October. Since then, Dolores has become a committed member and looks forward to each week’s meeting. Dolores will be getting a tattoo to remember her Goddaughter.

Discussing her decision to get a tattoo, Dolores said, “My Godchild died in sad circumstances, by suicide, and this tattoo is going to remind me of Michelle, it’ll keep her closer. I felt like she was more or less like my own daughter.”

After her second husband passed away, Lily Barnacle was left struggling financially and her living conditions deteriorated. ALONE has assisted Lily with applications for a Housing Application Grant and the Housing Aid for Older People Grant, from Louth County Council and the SEAI. For the first time in years, Lily can now look forward to a warm, dry winter.

Speaking about her experience with ALONE, Lily said, “I got involved with the choir because people kept asking me to go to the choir. I ended up going and I’m still going about four or five years later. I honestly think that ALONE really are very good… It’s nice to think that everyone at ALONE has time to listen, and when you have someone to listen, that means something more than getting something done.”

She continued: “I used to say, ‘If the Lord wanted me to have pictures on my skin, I would have been born with them’, and that was my motto all of my life. But you see, when Dolores said she’d get it done, I didn’t want to leave her on her own.”

Tom Lynch, owner of the Ink Factory said: “We consider inclusivity a major part of the Ink Factory DNA and are proud to help people of all ages and walks of life to express themselves in their own way. Teaming up with ALONE to launch the Bucket Listers project has been different to anything we’ve done before and we’re looking forward to supporting ALONE’s work.”

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