Video technology still on the agenda for some delegates at meeting

Calls for video technology were once again called for at the December meeting of the County Board in the Darver Centre of Excellence.

Calls for video technology were once again called for at the December meeting of the County Board in the Darver Centre of Excellence.

It was announced earlier in the week that Croke Park were exploring the option of goal line technology, but that was something that did not sit well with delegates at the meeting as 'goal line' technology would still not have prevented Joe Sheridan's controversial goal in the Leinster Final according to one delegate.

Earlier in the week, at the convention, a motion put forward by the County Board was passed by delegates for the introduction of a Television Monitoring Official who would be called on for any dispute in scores.

This motion will now be brought to annual convention, where Louth will be looking to get support from other counties on the matter, such as Kildare, who suffered in the semi-final from a Benny Coulter goal which should have been disallowed.

However, at the County Board meeting, Anthony Hoey, from St Brides brought an article in a national newspaper to the attention of the board and delegates where it said that Croke Park saying video technology would not be used.

In reference to this, Chairman O'Connor said that Croke Park had been briefed on Hawkeye - which is specifically used for goal line incidents and square balls- and that Louth, by putting in a motion to annual convention to get a Television Monitoring Official would at least open the debate to the floor at congress.

Croke Park said that Hawkeye would only be used for score detection purposes.

O'Connor also announced that Croke Park has launched a feasibility study into Hawkeye and that a decision will only be made on it when the study comes back, a solution which did not sit well with delegates.

Anthony Hoey, in rebuttle said: "Our problem happened on July 11. They have had ample time for studies to be done and it shows they are very slow to move on it."

At this point, Paddy Larkin, Pearse g said: "It seems to me that Croke Park don't want technology.

Why are they going and getting a study done for Hawkeye, which is one of the most expensive pieces of technology out there.

All you need is one man, a Television Monitoring Official with a monitor and replays to tell the referee. Croke Park seem to be picking the most difficult one and will then tell us that it won't work."

Chairman O'Connor said that one problem that lies with the introduction of technology is that Croke Park insist, if it is brought in for the Championship, then it must be available at all games, which could cause a problem."