Berrill delivers good news in his first year as treasurer as Louth make profit

IN his first year as treasurer, Aidan Berrill had some good news to present at the Louth County Board Convention 2010.

IN his first year as treasurer, Aidan Berrill had some good news to present at the Louth County Board Convention 2010.

The financial report at the meeting was explained swiftly and was met with a resounding round of applause by delegates in attendance.

Despite the fact that the surplus for the year fell from €20,199 to €8,644, it was still seen as a fantastic year for Louth GAA, given the harsh economic conditions that exist.

At the convention, Berrill explained that despite losing 37 Championship matches, due to the new structure of the competition, gate receipts still yielded a healthy €202,655, a slight drop from the receipts in 2009, €216, 495.

County Board expenditure fell from €749,071 to €736,841. Commercial income understandably fell, but due to Louth having a good run on the Leinster Championship, O'Neills paid an extra €10,000 to the Wee County. However, other income fell, with the total falling from €181,611 to €136,045.

At the meeting, Berrill also credited the likes of Peter Fitzpatrick, Colm Nally and Kieran Maguire as the county team expenses fell dramatically from €340,382 to €316,868, despite Louth's senior team reaching the Leinster Senior Championship final.

Naomh Mairtin's man Berrill said: "It was remarkable feat that the county teams expenses were able to be curtailed this year.

"We are delighted to have our own home grown coaches in Louth. It contrasts with other teams who are spending thousands on getting these top class coaches in."

Berrill also warned some clubs in Louth that they need a reality check.

"I think it is time some people had a look at reality here in Louth. Clubs who say they cannot pay the club contribution scheme can pay five figures for coaches so a bit of reality is needed."

At the start of the year, Croke Park was keen for counties to amalgamate their accounts into one elongated list, something Louth is close to doing as Berrill explained. "We used to have around 13 accounts and they are now down into four or five."

Berrill also explained that short term liabilities have to be addressed, such as a €1m loan, which will be paid back over 15 years, at €30,000 to €46,000 a year.

In order to do so, Berrill explained that serious fundraising efforts will have to be put into place for the start of 2011 and must be carried out. He said that clubs should not be aiming to raise as much as €20,000 when they put in place a serious fundraiser.

As Berrill swept through the accounts, he finished by wishing Louth GAA stalwart Charlie McAlester the very best. He said: "Charlie is in hospital at the moment waiting on news from the convention and on behalf of the board, I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is on the team bus in January for our next trip."

At the end of the report, Pearse g's Paddy Larkin complimented the top table and the county management teams for the sense of reality they brought to Louth.