Dickey continues to clock up the miles

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Dickey continues to clock up the miles

Cuchulainn Cycling Club’s Karl Dolan presents Dickey Newell with his outstanding achievement award

If you met Cuchulainn CC member Dickey Newell on the street and were told that he was a cyclist you would not believe it!  

As a keen runner, the constant impact has taken its toll on Dickey’s body and he can't walk without the aid of a stick. Even at that, 200 meters is a massive challenge.

Unable to face the prospect of being inactive for the rest of his life, Dickey’s doctor suggested swimming and cycling. He decided to go down the aquatic route first but the phrase "like a duck to water" did not apply.

It was another setback, but ever determined, Dickey turned to the bicycle and whatever prowess he lacked in the water he more than made up for it on two wheels!

The position on the bike meant that his body gave him no trouble above what anyone else would expect, mainly tired legs and a sore backside!

Such was Dickey’s love for his new sport that in 2015 he cycled a staggering 15,000km. However not one to rest on his laurels, he set himself a challenge for 2016, to cycle, a really long way!

When December 31 rolled around Dickey had logged over 20,000kms on his trusty two wheeled steed! All his cycles were logged on the global cycling app Strava and showed that he climbed north of 100,000 meters, which meant he summited Everest over 11 times.

In recognition of this outstanding achievement, Dickey was due to be presented with an award at the Cuchulainn prize night last month. Prior engagements meant he missed the night but Liam Dolan was on hand recently to present Dickey with his gong. Dickey commented: “An old running friend has unfortunately developed similar problems to myself and he has now hit 23 stone. If it wasn't for the bike, I'd be right beside him.”

It is almost a month into the new year but Dickey is showing nos signs of letting up and he plans on focusing his efforts towards Audax rides.

Audax's are extremely long cycles, without any fanfare whatsoever, no crowds, no support vehicles and no organised food stops. Dickey’s first big goal of the year is a 500km Audax in Donegal this June.