Dundalk FC Trust: Everyone is united behind the club this season

Scott McDonnell


Scott McDonnell

Dundalk FC Community Trust held their first AGM on Thursday night with a massive air of expectancy and excitement ahead of the new 2013 season.

Dundalk FC Community Trust held their first AGM on Thursday night with a massive air of expectancy and excitement ahead of the new 2013 season.

Chairman Simon Blackmore was unable to attend due to a knee injury he sustained and Secretary John Fergus was also absent as he was in America on business.

A minute’s silence was also held before the meeting after the passing away in the last week of Ellen McGee, Deidre Curran and Garda Adrian Donohoe.

In order

The Trust stated that they were well ahead of themselves from the time they became a legal entity last July. And that “all legalities will be in order throughout the 2013 season.”

The Trust’s main priority for this season is to integrate every aspect of the club back into the community and Structures are in place so that the Trust, the Patron Scheme and the Save Our Club are all under one barrel and will form into one full membership scheme.

The decision behind that is so that it gives better security for the future of the club, which is something that was needed after the incidents of last season.


The finances of the club were brought up during the meeting and it was revealed that finances are not going to the club via the Trust anymore.

“Everything goes directly to the club now. Everyone is united and the club is in a better place for it”, said Trust member Colm Murphy.

There will also be quarterly meetings for all members of the new membership. The Trust is keen for a supporter implemented club and they had plenty of praise for the Fastfix consortium that they partnered up with, stating, “we had 100% agreement on how the club should work”.

It was acknowledged that not everything was going to be right this year, but stated that everyone should try and get involved and work together to make the club better and better.

Details during the meeting came out about how the Trust’s aim over the last two to three years was to take over the club. “Financially, no way could we have taken over”, said Murphy before he repeated the point that “the club is in a rebuilding stage and it is important that we all work together”.


Despite all income going directly to the club the Trust did state that they would have accounts of everything that goes into the club, in order to avoid confusion in future. All the proceeds from the bar and functions that get held at Oriel Park in future will now go directly into the budget for the club.

Colm mentioned the 2009 budget, which he described as a “disaster” and explained how the club had to take out a loan to clear it. The bar has been paying that off ever since.

All members will be notified on a monthly basis of the financial situation of the club via letter. Those in attendance at the meeting stated that there was a “different atmosphere this year, one that hasn’t been in the town in 10-15 years”.

A passionate speech from supporter Mark ‘Maxi’ Kavanagh brought a massive round of applause in the room as he advised fans to “stick together and support the team as much as possible in what should be a great season”.

The committee members of the last two years all put themselves forward and the members are as follows: Simon Blackmore, John Fergus, Stephen Neary, Jimmy Neary, Emma Barry, Des McKeown, Niall Durnin, Roy Mackin, David Caldwell, Noel Rice, Colm Murphy, Finbar Gethins, Peter Fergus, Sean Bellew and Conor Hoey.