Dundalk FC could ‘go out of existence’ and interest in Club’s star striker Griffin increases

Dundalk FC could “go out of existence” unless the severity of the Club’s financial position can be remedied immediately.

Dundalk FC could “go out of existence” unless the severity of the Club’s financial position can be remedied immediately.

According to a statement released on Friday by the Club’s board, finances have further nose-dived in recent weeks and fresh financial support is essential for the Club’s very survival.

“The reality is that if more people do not contribute we will be undoubtedly be fighting a relegation battle, or worse case, go out of existence,” read the Board’s statement.

“People must be made aware that should the club not be in a position to pay another week’s wages to the players, resulting in a total of two weeks wages in arrears, that these players have the right to seek employment with other clubs.

“This undoubtedly may trigger our top players to leave voluntarily or other clubs knowing this situation will contact our top players with a view to taking them on with immediate effect. We have clear indications the latter will happen.”

In order to try and combat this worst case scenario, the Dundalk FC Board has put out a request for local support in order to pay wages.

“If any group or individual wants to sponsor any particular player’s salary to the end of the season, this option is available and we can sit down and agree with the group/individual how this can be done.”

Only the DFC trust have expressed an interest in taking over the club since it was announced five weeks ago, with the board bitterly disappointed with this lack of interest.

“Apart from the Trust, we are very disappointed that no one, either directly or indirectly, has contacted us in this regard particularly when we are in a position when we need them most.”


Meanwhile assistant manager Darius Kierans has admitted that there has been interest from one unnamed club regarding top Dundalk striker Mark Griffin.

However Kierans played down the significance of the approach.

“Enquiries have been made, but nothing has been accepted and there is nothing concrete.

“Mark has a lot of potential and he is one of our better players,” added Kierans.

In recent weeks the Club has attempted to increase revenue and generate funds, but it has not been enough to shore up finances.

“We have initiated a number of fundraising programmes to generate money,” continued the Club’s statement.

“Our Honorary Vice President and Supporter Donations programmes and letters have been sent out to over 700 people.

“To date 19 Supporters have donated €3,450 and the Honorary Vice President have taken in €2,500. The Board wish to acknowledge these receipts and are very appreciative to these people and other people who continue to contribute to the running of the club.”

The statement finished with a plea to anybody who may be interested in contributing to contact the Club immediately.