Giles’Walk of Dreams to take place on May 7

The John Giles Foundation ‘Walk of Dreams’ will take place in Dundalk on May 7.

The John Giles Foundation ‘Walk of Dreams’ will take place in Dundalk on May 7.

This will be the second edition of the Walk of Dreams in association with Three, proud sponsors of the Irish National football team.

Last year, the initiative involved more than 25,000 participants who raised a total of €360,000 which went back into club and community projects involving football throughout Ireland.

The 2012 ‘Walk of Dreams’ will include five new venues this year and will bring together the football family to raise funds for the work being done by the John Giles Foundation.

The John Giles Foundation was founded to use football as a vehicle for social change, to build community cohesion, increase participation and to improve health and education by providing funding to help football in clubs, schools and community groups in Ireland.

Half of funds raised will be retained by participating football clubs while the other half will go to the Foundation for community football projects in clubs, schools and community groups throughout Ireland.

The John Giles Foundation is supported by Three and the Football Association of Ireland.

John Giles said, “Last year’s walk showed the power of the football family to turn out en masse and raise funds for club and community projects through the foundation.

“Following the walks, €360,000 raised went into community projects benefitting young people in 62 projects nationwide. This year, the number of walks will grow to 20 and we look forward to demonstrating, through the numbers walking for a great cause, the important role that football plays in Irish community life.

“Half of the money raised will go back to participating clubs while the other half will be used by the Foundation to fund football projects where they are needed most.”

Eoin MacManus, Commercial Director at Three said: “Our continued association with the John Giles foundation and the Walk of Dreams underlines Three’s commitment to the grassroots of Irish football.

“Partnering with the John Giles Foundation builds on our fund supporting Irish football clubs that we set up last year, offering rewards to those clubs whose members switch to Three, helping them maintain and build their teams.

“We are delighted to partner with John for this charity event again and look forward to walking alongside him and the Irish football community in the coming weeks.”