Bond: ‘Europe has been a big boost for us’

Padraig Whelan


Padraig Whelan

Ms Jasna Ognjanovac, Croatian Ambassador with Dundalk Chamber of Commerce members Paddy Malone, PRO, at left and Paddy Matthews, President at a reception in the Enda McGuill Suite pre kick-off in the Dundalk v Hajduk Split Europa League tie at Oriel Park
Dundalk chairman Ciaran Bond says that the club’s Europa League adventures have been warmly welcomed in a financial regard.

Dundalk chairman Ciaran Bond says that the club’s Europa League adventures have been warmly welcomed in a financial regard.

As a result of the matches played so far this season, the club have pocketed a quarter of a million, which will be paid to them by UEFA on Christmas Eve.

“Financially, it is a major boost to the club. The only problems in that regard are cash flow in that you are basically spending the money before you get it,” he said.

“That obviously creates difficulties in the weekly running of the football club but it is a great place to be and we are sitting at this moment in time with €250,000 in prize money and if we proceed past this round then you are in with a chance of the group stages.”

He also revealed that the away leg in Split is costing the club €42,000 in total which covers their chartered flight and accommodation in Croatia.

The team depart Dublin on Wednesday morning, enjoying a one-night stopover in Split before playing on Thursday night and returning immediately after the match

He continued: “We had 28 places for supporters and it sold out very quickly. It is an expensive thing to play in Europe of course but where would you rather be?

“We are in Oriel Park with 3,000 people and then playing in a 35,000 seater stadium in Split. These are major matches and the ones that the club want to be involved in.”

High class displays have come at their own price, with Bond admitting that the club may not be able to hold on to some of their star names for much longer.

A high number of scouts have taken in Dundalk games this year with Richie Towell, Andy Boyle, Daryl Horgan, Patrick Hoban and Sean Gannon the names consistently linked with moves across the water.

“I think that the interest from clubs goes with the brand of football we play,” added Bond. “We have players who are beyond the standard of this league who may not be here next year so it is imperative that people come and watch them because it is a special team.

“We have had about 45 scouts here this season watching them and when you are playing so well, you are always going to attract overseas interest,” conceded Bond, before adding that there has been “nothing concrete” as far as anyone’s interest in signing any Dundalk players goes.