Oriel crowned World Bowls champions

Oriel had a sensational weekend at the World Championships, taking home two world titles while Jim Fox narrowly missed out on a 3rd place position.

Oriel had a sensational weekend at the World Championships, taking home two world titles while Jim Fox narrowly missed out on a 3rd place position.

World Trips final

After two days of action, John Murnaghan, Paddy Hanlon and Gerry McCabe were trying to emulate Gerry Crosby, Kevin Conroy and Hughie McDonagh in becoming only the second team ever from Oriel to win the World Trips title.

In the final they faced a former Oriel member, Bronagh Malone, who was 2nd to Alan Williams from England.

Gerry’s trip began brilliantly picking up two shots and then continued this by picking up another one after Gerry delivered a cracking last bowl.

The 3rd end followed on from the last by again picking up one shot, 4-0 after three ends and all three playing super bowls.

In the 4th end they finally dropped the 1st shot. However the Cooley trip responded in the 5th end again, picking up one.

While they dropped one in the 6th, the game changing end was ahead when John Paddy and Gerry played a perfect end of bowls to pick up three shots, 8-2 after seven and looked in complete control.

John Murnaghan was incredible the whole weekend and with Paddy and Gerry playing sensational they looked unstoppable!

England managed to get one in the 8th end. In the second last end Paddy and Gerry were so unlucky not to sink it, with both grazing the jack.

However they still managed to limit the damage only by only dropping one, 8-5 last end. John trailed the jack to take their lead bowls out of contention.

Bronagh drew two fantastic shots but Gerry managed to put the pressure on to hold 3rd shot. The skip tried to draw and missed which left Gerry not having to deliver the last bowl.

Let the Celebrations Begin! Unreal excitement! What a day for Cooley & Oriel!!! But could the fours now join the party?

World Rinks Final

Kevin’s rink looked dead and buried after five ends as they were 8-2 down with Wales playing the better bowls.

Kevin then gave them a chance when he delivered a super drawing shot on the backhand to pick up two shots. Wales responded in the next by picking up one to leave it 9-4 after seven.

Fra Dillon sank the jack to pick up another one but was it too little too late? In the 9th end Fra again sank the jack but his bowl was just alive.

Wales tried to run the bowl into the far corner but was slightly wide and the bowl hopped the jack and over the fender. Three shots and now only one in it going into the last end where the Oriel team somehow managed to gain one to force a tie end. Everyones nerves had now gone!

Wales won the toss and decided to take the jack. They ran at it missed it. Michael drew. Wales again ran at it and missed. Michael ran at it and missed it. Wales ran again and missed. Fra ran and missed. Surely someone would take it in soon!

Wales again ran and missed. Fra drew but the jack was still open. Tom Jones from Wales ran at it and grazed it which hid the jack slightly. Billy drew a short bowl and left it more difficult. Once again Tom ran and missed. Billy put in another blocker. Ben Haddon fired and took one of Billy’s short bowls out.

Kevin then delivered the decisive bowl and drew around the short bowl right behind the jack.

Ben fired and missed and Michael Hand, Fra Dillon, Billy Taaffe and Kevin Conroy became World Champions. An incredible achievement made only better by the triple winning earlier!