Katie Taylor toasts Amy’s success

The inscription on the book she received said it all – ‘From one champion to another, Love Katie Taylor.’

The inscription on the book she received said it all – ‘From one champion to another, Love Katie Taylor.’

Sometimes dreams do come true and on Friday Ireland’s newest boxing gold medallist received a visit from Ireland’s Olympic gold medallist Katie Taylor.

It will be a memory that will stay with Amy for the rest of her life. But it was also a chance to meet the person she hopes to emulate the most.

“I never expected it at all. When she walked through the door it was unbelievable. Everybody in the school kept it as a surprise, so I hadn’t a clue it was going to happen”, explained Amy.

As Amy herself says, Taylor is a big part of why she became involved in boxing in the first place.

Looking back at the championships in Poland, Amy recalled the moment she knew she had won gold for Ireland.

“It was just before the official announcement. We were waiting in the ring for the verdict and I could see my Dad jumping up and down and screaming. So I knew then that I had won.”

The final itself was a tough affair and Amy knew it would come down to the wire.

“It was a very tight fight. Before the fight I was very nervous. They had music and smoke and it was a huge event. But once I got into the ring I focused on the fight and the fight alone.”

When she returned to Dublin last Saturday night, Amy was greeted by her club mates from Dealgan. It was a proud moment for everyone involved.

“I felt a lot of pride having won the championship and the support I got from the club was fantastic.

Amy wanted to express her thanks and gratitude to everyone from Colaiste Ris who made Friday possible and in particular her teacher Paula Lavin who was key in organising the presentation by sending an email to Katie Taylor’s representatives.

It was that email from Paula to Katie which set the meeting in motion and a excerpt from the email sums up what Amy has achieved perfectly.

“Amy won on Friday through hard work and determination. She won because she believed she could win.

“Amy won because she wanted to win and because she deserved to win and I know that in her head was the image of Katie Taylor’s great victory and success story that made her want this even more.”