mas-f are best of the best

Students from the Martial Arts School of Fitness once again proved that they are the ‘Best of the Best’ as they competed in the tournament of the same name for the second year running.

Students from the Martial Arts School of Fitness once again proved that they are the ‘Best of the Best’ as they competed in the tournament of the same name for the second year running.

The Best of the Best run four times a year, each year. By finishing first in at least three out of the four tournaments in your respective section, the title of Grand Champion is awarded to a competitor.

In previous years MAS-F have had between one and three students win this title each year. In 2010, four MAS-F students gained the coveted wins.

Eight-year-old Darren O’Donogh 8 won the Creative Forms section three times in a row and achieved his first Grand Champion title.

Chantelle McCabe, 11 won the girls Continuous Fighting section. Chantelle was a Grand Champion winner for 2009. Monique Martin, 13, won the Weapons section. Monique also took the Grand Champion title for 2008 for point fighting. Fidelma Martin took the wins in the ladies continuous Fighting Division. Fidelma also won this title for semi-contact sparring in 2008.

All four were presented with Grand Champion prize belts, specially designed for the Best of the Best competition, along with gloves covered with the emblem of the Champions.

Fidelma Martin was given a uniquely embroidered black belt along with the Grand Champion award. After the presentations for Grand Champion, awards were given for Best Instructor, MAS-F’s Wayne Rutherford was awarded this for 2009, along with others. Fidelma Martin was presented with a trophy for Best Referee throughout 2010.

On the day the tournament ran as normal. The students competed in each of their divisions as usual. One of MAS-F’s youngest competitors, five-year-old Ranier Gaspar competed in a category that saw him face competitors a foot taller than his 105cm height.

After a fantastic display of head kicks and fast jabs, he lost out to his opponent by a mere one point. Darren O’Donogh once again showed why he is champion by winning the Musical Forms section for the second time this year so far for the under 12-year-olds. He placed third in Weapons and second in Point Sparring.

Chantelle McCabe placed second in Forms and second in Weapons. In the Continuous section, Chantelle won several rounds, only to face a 14-year-old in the finals and took the second place after a very fast and pressurised fight.

In the Point Fighting section, she managed to place in the semi-finals and settled for a proud third place. Monique Martin did a very impressive routine and won first place in the Musical Weapons division. Up against tough opposition, she took bronze in Creative Forms.

Fidelma Martin entered the Continuous Division, however due to illness settled with a second place. Paula Tavares entered the arena in the ladies semi-contact for her debut in the competition and astounded onlookers with speed and precision. Paula beat off competition to reach the finals where she met the winner of the recent prestigious Irish Open Competition. Paula was winning by the end of the first round and going into extra time after the second round but in the end took the silver by two points. This contest was by far the fight of the day as referees and supporters commented on the level of competition displayed by the ladies.

MAS-F Chief Instructor Wayne Rutherford once again expressed his ongoing pride in his students. To train and attend the tournaments is tough enough, however to take the gold on more than one occasion and win the Grand Champion titles year after year is testament to their commitment.

These are fantastic awards to be able to boast having in the club. Topping these off were the trophies and medals won by them on the day also. These are the aesthetic awards to encourage others to give it a try.

MAS-F have classes to suit all ages from four years upwards and boast the largest variety of disciplines under one roof in the vicinity. Contact Wayne by logging onto, call 0862522721 or check out the Martial Arts Schools of Fitness on Facebook.

Sensei delighted by standard at Ardee Karate event

CONGRATULATIONS to all members of Ireland Wadokai Karate-Do Remnei, who competed in the Annual International Karate Tournament recently which was held in the Ardee Community Centre.

Sensei Tommy Marrett was overwhelmed at the very high standards which were achieved by his members, as there was fierce competition, from not only teams from all over Ireland but, England, Luxembourg and further afield.

All IWKR members went home proud in the knowledge that they not only gained valuable experience, but achieved a number of victories in Kata (form) and Kumite (fighting).

For a number of members who brought home gold medals it was their first competition, and they cannot wait to further their experience at forthcoming events.

Coaches at the event were, David O’Donald and Mary Marcus, who are currently looking forward to aiding Sensei Tommy Marrett in the preparation of these budding International Stars to their full potential.

Among these up and coming Stars is Amy Dennis, along with David O’Donald, who will be representing not only IWKR but Ireland in Birmingham on May 8, Good Luck to you both.

Sensei Tommy Marrett would also like to take this opportunity to thank all clubs who attended especially those who travelled from abroad.