War on pigeons in Louth

July 21 1962

July 21 1962

The committee decided to ask Co Louth Game Council to organise a shoot to help reduce the number of pigeons, which it was stated were causing wholesale destruction of crops.

Mr Markey raised the subject and said that in his part of the County a lot of damage was done to turnips and young crops by these pigeons, which were getting more numerous annually.

Their numbers were kept down during the war years when there was a price on their heads, but now nobody thought it worth while shooting them because the cartridge cost more than they were worth.

Mr Byrne said that the dry weather was responsible for the birds attacking crops: they usually eat fruit and greens in dry weather.

It was a problem but there was little that could be done about it.

Some people were of the opinion that the Game Council, by doing away with grey crows, magpies and other predators, were helping to increase the numbers of pigeons.

The numbers destroyed in any organised shoot were so small that it really made little difference.

Mr Rafferty suggested that the mechanical banger might be of some use, but they were of considerable annoyance to the locality.

Piped water to rural areas

Although most towns have had a piped water supply to all dwellings for a number of years, only approximately 18 per cent of all dwellings in rural areas had this amenity in January 1962.