Emmy-award winning animation company coming to Dundalk with new hub at DkIT

Michelle O'Keeffe


Michelle O'Keeffe



Emmy-award winning animation company coming to Dundalk with new hub at DkIT

Emmy-award winning animation company Futurum has teamed up with the DkIT to create a new animation hub on the institute’s campus.

The new Digital Animation Hub in Dundalk will provide employment opportunities creating 50 jobs initially for DkIT graduates along with further spin-off jobs across county Louth.

The new animation hub will also provide educational resources for students at the Dundalk Institute of Technology.

“The plan to develop a Digital Animation Hub in Dundalk. which will generating local jobs, is a win win for DkIT students and also for Emmy award winning animator company Futurum” a spokesman for the animation company said.

“The new hub will provide Futurum Kids with access to DkITs visual animation talent while DkIT will benefit from Futurum Groups global reputation in the animation industry, giving students a masterclass in the business of animation from a world leading business, as well as, creating jobs for DkIT graduates - 50 initially - and further spin-off jobs across the county Louth region.”

Emmy award winning Futurum already have plenty of international fame for their Jakers animation cartoon and now they are rolling out their latest 'Paddles' cartoon animation project which has been signed up already from Ireland by RTEjr to Korea and by kids Cartoon channel.

Niall Watters, Chief Commercial Officer at Futurum, said: “The demand for quality children’s programming is growing at a fast pace, driven by new channels and platforms.

“Futurum intends to create superior-quality children’s television shows such as Paddles in Dundalk with the co-operation of DkIT which will appeal to global audiences and offer the ability to generate multiple revenue streams.

“There is no reason why Dundalk cannot be the new animation hub in Ireland.”

The Futurum animation studio will be taking residence at the Regional Development Centre and the innovation and incubation centres on the campus at DkIT.

It is hoped it will be up and running by 2021.