Dundalk Institute Malaysian Society host online game event

Michelle O'Keeffe


Michelle O'Keeffe

Dundalk Institute Malaysian Society host online game event

Recent DkIT Malaysian Society zoom event

DkIT Malaysian Society is collaborating with Letterkenny Institute of Technology to organize a virtual meeting session.
16th April.

There will be two parts of the event tomorrow, Friday April 16th, an ice-breaking session to warm up the session and the main event- a virtual escape room.

Students have to find clues and solve problems within the shortest time, team working skill will be needed.

Malaysian students who attend will have the chance to win prizes in the escape room game, three prizes up to €300 are eligible.

The winner of the lucky draw, which opens to participants from 12th April to 16th April, will also be announced at the Zoom event.

The event also provides much needed social interaction between students from host schools and other invited Institutes, GMIT, LIT, Sligo IT and Carlow IT.

During the pandemic time it is hard for students to get to know more their peers.

The event allows students to embrace socializing in a different but fun way.

Caydence Chen, a second-year Malaysian student from DkIT said, “I can’t wait to join the event.

"It’s fun to meet people from other colleges and the prizes sound fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing our peers taking part in it.”

The president of MSoc, Jing Sheng Moey, said: “We are happy to have the chance to work together with LyIT.

"It is such a meaningful activity to get students having fun in participating while being able to expand their own network, at the same time increase the creativity and problem-solving skills of students while playing the game.

“We hope to get more people and institutes involve in the future to raise cultural awareness and share the joy with other communities.

DkIT MSoc is an association established in 2020 by a group of Malaysian students studying in DkIT.

They have been aiming to act as a platform for students to bond and meet with each other and to enhance the culture exchange experience within Ireland.

During the covid pandemic, they are one of the most active societies in DkIT and they have been hosting several events to enhance engagement with students.