Connect Credit Union supporting Knockbridge Tidy Towns




Connect Credit Union supporting Knockbridge Tidy Towns

Norman McDonnell CEO of Connect Credit Union presenting cheque to volunteers of Knockbridge Tidy Towns

Connect Credit Union is proud to sponsor Knockbridge Tidy Towns and their new ride-on lawn mower, which was unveiled this week.

This funding will allow the Tidy Towns group to continue with their much-needed three-year work plan within the village and its environs, where they have large and heavy areas to maintain and upkeep.

It also ensures that the long-standing partnership with Knockbridge Tidy Towns and Connect Credit Union is sustained.

In January 2020 BHK Credit Union and Clogherhead Credit Union both merged with Connect Credit Union.

Norman McDonnell, CEO said: “It is extremely important for Connect Credit Union to support all of our local areas; continuing the relationships which have been built over the past number of years is crucial so that all our members benefit from our sponsorship efforts.

"We have great partnerships with a number of Tidy Town groups because now more than ever we can see the valuable contribution they make to our communities”.

Knockbridge Tidy Towns currently hold fourth position in Co. Louth in the National Tidy Towns Competition.

The Board of Directors of Connect Credit Union would like to wish them well with the new investment and thank them once again for all their efforts throughout the year.