Dundalk Senator calls for action to ensure our streets are safe for women

Michelle O'Keeffe


Michelle O'Keeffe



Dundalk Senator calls for action  to ensure our streets are safe for women

Cllr Erin McGreehan

Senator Erin McGreehan, speaking in the Seanad, raised the issue of women’s safety and urged the Government to bring in concrete measures to ensure safer streets.   

Senator McGreehan commented:  “This week, like most weeks, we hear horrendous stories about women being raped, sexually assaulted and beaten up.   

“What is blamed is she should not have been walking down that road or she shouldn’t have been out.    

“The problem is not someone walking home, the problem is not they had too many drinks or the wrong clothes.

"The problem is that our streets are not safe.    

“For example, to someone who is in a car park alone someone else in that car park is automatically seen as a threat.

"I always take a deep breath and go as fast as I can, get the phone ready to ring while I get to my car.

"This is a normal situation for most women." 

The Louth Senator continued: “I would really appreciate if we could get a member of the Government to come to the Seanad Chamber to really outline how we are going to make concrete measures.   

“No more victim blaming - it is not a victim's fault that they’re assaulted, it is the assaulter’s fault.    

“We need to ensure we can have safe streets, whether we have more CCTV, more public lighting, proper deterrence and a safer and fairer court system for our victims.”