Ardee CS links up with Active Retirement for new book

The retirees spoke to the second year students about their life experiences

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Ardee CS links up with Active Retirement for new book

Members of Ardee Active Retirement visited Ardee Community School recently.

Second year pupils from Ardee Community School teamed up with members of Ardee Active Retirement Group recently for a project focusing on historical events. 

Every year, the second year JCSP students produce a book as part of their 'Make A Book' project. 

This year, it was decided to interview local retirees about significant historical events that have occurred during their lifetime. 

Among the subjects touched on in a series of interviews were Louth winning the All-Ireland in 1957, the assassination of John F Kennedy, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the first moon landing and the World Trade Centre attacks in New York City.

The Ardee Active Retirement group visited and school and, over tea and scones, shared their reminiscences before he students wrote up their interviews and compiled them into a book titled ‘I Remember When…’

Among the highlights for the pupils  was the presence of Patsy Coleman, a member of the illustrious Louth team of 1957. Patsy’s recounting of the legendary game was spellbinding and the students were delighted to hold the football that was used on that memorable day. They also got to examine up close Patsy’s beautiful handmade medals.

A few weeks later the students and retirees reconnected at the school to view the finished books. 

Mary Deery from Louth County Council,who manages the Louth Age Friendly County Initiative, joined them and presented certificates to those involved.

The project was organised with the assistance of Mary Dunne (AAR) and Rory Callan & Bridget Smith from ACS.