AA Roadwatch warns motorists to take care as Louth braces itself for snowfall

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Tia Clarke



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The AA have advised motorists to take care

Motorists have warned to take care on the roads amidst snow warnings for Co Louth tonight.  

Local weather expert 'Louth Weather' announced on their Facebook page that "most people [in Louth] will see some snowfall Thursday night into Friday". 

Please be careful when driving in snowy conditions 

In advance of this AA Roadwatch has issued a warning to motorists to "take extra care in the coming days and to ensure that they adapt their driving to the snowy and icy conditions". 

The traffic monitoring service has warned motorists to expect delays and allow additional times for their journeys if conditions get worse. 

Elaine O’Sullivan, Acting Editor of AA Roadwatch advised: “Any sudden change in weather conditions, be it snow, ice or heavy rainfall can have a serious impact on traffic across affected areas."

"Motorists will need to slow down for their own safety, resulting in longer journey times, but you will also see more cars on the roads in affected areas.

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"When we see weather conditions worsen we also tend to see people who would normally cycle, walk or use public transport opt to use a car if they have access to one. As a result, traffic levels normally worsen on the major routes in any affected areas." 

Motorists have also been warned that the snow or sleet can have a negative effect on visibility and may make it more difficult to see vulnerable road users. 

Ms O'Sullivan warned motorists to exercise additional caution on routes used by cyclists and pedestrians. 

She continued: "When sleet or snow is falling and building up on your windscreen it can be quite difficult to see vulnerable road users, such as cyclists or pedestrians, so it’s important that motorists adapt their driving accordingly. 

"By slowing down, allowing extra overtaking room where possible and taking extra care motorists can do their part to keep the roads safe even in the worst conditions." 

AA Roadwatch it is preparing for a spike in breakdowns as a result of the conditions. 

The AA also advised that "colder temperatures can result in older or weaker batteries becoming defective".

Drivers who haven’t already done so are encouraged to give their car a quick once-over to ensure the vehicle is fully winter-ready.