Gardaí hunt gang at centre of Dundalk burglary spree


Dundalk Democrat


Dundalk Democrat

Gardai are investigating burglaries.

Gardaí are on the lookout for a four-man gang at the centre of multiple burglaries across Dundalk.

Four separate incidents were reported to Gardaí on the night of September 8 (Friday), with the gang in question linked to all the cited break-ins.

The first occurred between the hours of 7.45pm and 9.45pm in the McSweeney Street area of Dundalk, with a significant amount of jewellery including rings and necklaces taken from the premises.

The gang also ransacked a home in the Castle Road area of Dundalk, with the same four males seen exiting a window at the premises at approximately 8.50pm.

The owners of the house were on holidays at the time of the burglary, with neighbours alerting Gardaí after the thieves had fled the scene.

Another theft was attempted at St Nicholas Avenue at 9.30pm when the four men were seen forcing down a door at the building before being confronted by a passer-by.

They fled the scene on foot, but a person at the scene reported seeing the group being dropped off in a silver saloon car. The witness also believes there to have been a taxi plate on the vehicle.

A similar raid was subsequently attempted at a house on the old Newry Road at around 10pm. On this occasion, the gang were discovered by the homeowners and fled the scene emptyhanded.

“We are quite certain that the four break-ins are linked and we urge anyone with information regarding those involved to get in contact with us,” a Garda spokesperson told The Democrat.

“Anyone who may have seen the silver saloon car in question should also get in touch with their local station.”