Dundalk street singer comes to the rescue, soothing autistic child in supermarket

Ian Cameron


Ian Cameron

Dundalk street singer comes to rescue, soothing autistic child in supermarket

The Singing Cowboy Paddy McDowell

A well known Dundalk character - Paddy McDowell - came to the aid of a mother and her severely autistic child in a supermarket recently. 

Though you may not know him by name, you will likely have heard Paddy singing on the streets of Dundalk. 

His singing has brightened up the day of many a Dundalk pedestrian who know him as the 'Singing Cowboy' among other nicknames. 

Recently however he used his talent for singing to come to the aid of severely autistic child in Tesco. 

The mother relayed the story on Facebook: "My severely autistic and visually impaired four-year-old son was having a tough time in a very loud and busy Tesco.

"He was screaming and hitting himself. This gentlemen came right up into my child's face, sang "Don't cry baaabeee".

"He stopped instantly and spent the rest of our time following him up and down the isles and listening for his singing...totally mesmerised.

"I felt like giving this man a hug. What a moment!"