Roadside tests will target prescription 'drug drivers'


Roadside tests will target prescription 'drug drivers'

The Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) is urging motorists to be extremely vigilant when driving and taking prescription medicines, recommending that they talk to their pharmacist to ensure they do not break the law.

The call comes in response to new roadside tests being introduced in March that will check motorists for commonly prescribed medicines including diazepam (valium) and sleeping tablets.

“It is extremely important when taking any medicines that individuals ensure that they are taking the prescribed dose”, commented Caitriona O’ Riordan, a pharmacist and member of the Executive Committee of the Irish Pharmacy Union, “This is particularly so when driving, not only to ensure that they are under the legal limit but also because there can be possible side-effects from some medications, such as drowsiness, which may impact on their ability to drive safely.

“For motorists to continue to drive safely, I would strongly recommend that they read the label on their medicine, check the required dosage and the possible side-effects, and talk to their pharmacist if they have any concerns.”