Deputy Fitzpatrick undergoes surgery to fix smashed hip after cycle crash

Louth TD Peter Fitzpatrick says he is lucky to be alive after a crash during a charity bike left him with a broken hip .

Louth TD Peter Fitzpatrick says he is lucky to be alive after a crash during a charity bike left him with a broken hip .

The crash occured as Deputy Fitzpatrick was taking part in a 100km bike ride from Dundalk to Mullingar in aid of the ‘Opt For Life’ in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital on Saturday evening.

The wheel of Mr Fitzpatrick’s collided with another cyclist, throwing him from the bike on the side of the road. The fall smashed the ball of his hip.

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat, Deputy Fitzpatrick described the moment he came off the bike.

“I’ll put it this way, it was the sorest thing that I’ve ever experienced.”

The accident not far from the end of the journey, and Deputy Fitzpatrick was rushed to Mullingar Hospital.

“Every one of the fifteenriders stopped and came to my aid. I took the whole impact on the right hand side. I was lucky that my arm and my hip hit the road first.

“They took me straight to Mullingar Hospital. There was a van following the bikes and he took me to the hospital.

“They X-rayed me straight away in the Mullingar General Hospital and then they transferred me to the Orthapedic Hospital in Tullamore.

“I had the operation within 24 hours. I can’t get over the service. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

“They needed to put a plate and pins into my hip. The ball part is broke and they put a plate an d pins to try and put that together. And that’s going to be in for eight weeks, and if that works they’ll leave it then, and if it doesn’t, I’ll have to get a new hip. “

Speaking, yesterday, Deputy Fitzpatrick was saying he hoped to get discharged from hospital that day.

“The doctor said I was lukcy as I’m very young and very fit, and if wasn’t for that I’d be in serious trouble.

“I hope to be back to work on Wednesday. The wife will be driving me up and down to Dublin. I can’t drive for eight weeks.”

Deputy Fitzpatrick says the accident was no-one’s fault. “You never blame anyone in circumstances like this. I have no regrets, just carry on and keep going.”

The Fine Gael TD is on morphine to deal with the e xcrutiating pain, and will have to take more in tablet form once he gets home.

“The way I look at it, when I came off that bike a car could having been coming at me and I could have been dead.

“The treatment I got was second to none. I have nothing but admiration for the health service .”

He will be on crutches for eight weeks and if the operation wasn’t a success he will have to return for further surgery.