Family want to bring David back home

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David Garvey has been a patient in Beaumont Hospital for over two years. He has locked-in syndrome, but his family now say he is fit to come home.

David Garvey has been a patient in Beaumont Hospital for over two years. He has locked-in syndrome, but his family now say he is fit to come home.

David has not been back to his family home in St Nicholas Avenue, Dundalk, for those two years.

His family are desperately trying to get him back to Dundalk, but they say they are being hampered by the HSE.

“The HSE should be ashamed,” David’s father Philip told The Democrat.

“We are getting the run around.

“It seems that the HSE don’t want David to go home. We have been told the funding is available.

“We believe the HSE don’t want to spend the money.

“David has never been healthier and just wants to come home.”

In April it was agreed that the HSE would draft a care plan to get David home.

But as August approaches, David and his family are still no further on.

“It is a total mess,” said sister Lynn.

“Every week the HSE has a new excuse.”

In April it was stated that David would be transferred to Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda and eventually Dundalk.

Having been assessed by two doctors, who have since resigned from their posts, the family were told that David does not need to be cared for in Drogheda.

The HSE have informed the family that an exact date of David’s release from Beaumont will be known in two or three weeks time.

Today (Tuesday) doctors will again assess David’s conditions.

Family members will also be “signed-off” as being capable of caring for David.

“We already care for David in the hospital,” said Philip Garvey.

“He doesn’t need twenty-four-hour care and the doctors have agreed.

“Last week we had David outside at the main gates in Beaumont Hospital. He is ready to come home and we are ready to care for him.

“The only thing that is keeping David going is that he is getting married next year.”

The Garvey family have praised the work of deputies Peter Fitzpatrick and Ged Nash who have made representations on the family’s behalf.

The HSE told The Democrat that work is continuing on a care plan.

“While the HSE cannot comment on individuals,” an official statement said, “we can advise that we have continued to engage with the Garvey family to discuss progress in the development of the patient’s care plan.

“The HSE has to consider all aspects of appropriate care that is or may be required to support a patient with very complex care needs to live at home in the safest environment.

“This includes clearly agreed medical care, home based care and emergency care.

“The care plan must also consider and agree the protocols and governance arrangements to be established and agreed among a number of health services and the family to ensure the continued provision of appropriate care to the patient at home.

“This includes medical responsibility for ventilation at home and emergency care should any medical issue arise at home e.g. ventilation failure, tracheostomy blockage and infections.

“A care plan cannot be implemented until fully agreed by all agencies involved as the consequences to the patient could be life threatening.

“The HSE remains available at all times to discuss issues directly with the family,” the statement concluded.