Residents’ Association hit out at Rag Week antics

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The College Manor and Heights Residents’ Association is seeking to bring an end to DkIT’s Rag Week.

Rag Week was held last week at DkIT and according to the local residents’ association, considerable damage was caused to property and householders were kept awake at night during the festivities.

The Chairperson of the College Manor and Heights Residents’ Association John Temple, explained that residents were awakemned from their beds by students fighting and screaming at various times during the night, throughout the week.

“There are four families in one street that have young children, some of those children are less than one year old,” said Mr Temple.

“I am appalled of the activities of some students who have shown no respect for this residential area. The residents had only several floral boxes installed a month ago to prevent non resident parking during the day and to improve the visual appearance of the estate.

“Students from the DKIT completely destroyed these boxes, which were bolted into the ground. This is criminal damage, and vandalism.”

Residents have complained of students jumping on car bonnets, kicking over flower boxes, urinating in public as well as littering throughout the estate, throwing glass bottles at each other on the street.

Responding to the residents, Brian Fitzpatrick, President of DkITStudent Union, said “With regards to disgruntled residents around the college area, we share their anger towards any acts of vandalism, littering or disrespect shown by any students throughout Rag week and the rest of the college year.”

He added that the Students Union try to deal with these issues on an ongoing basis.

“We always try our best to tackle this issue but there is always a few bad eggs,” he stated.

“We will do all we can to deal with them and continue to work with the residents and the gardai to try and secure absolute respect from the students going forward.”

Mr Fitzpatrick pointed out that Rag week has become a signifcant fundraiser for charities.

“However it’s important to note that the many positives of Rag week, heavily outweigh the few negatives. This week we have raised a huge amount of funds that will be donated to worthy charities.”

Mr Temple said that this money was fundraised at a cost to local residents.

“If the DkIT and the Students Union really have their local community interest they will afford their monies raised from Rag week to pay for the damage first before claiming their gratitude of presenting cheques to charities,” he stated.

“Where they fail to do so, this residents association will write to each charity that benefits from these funds and inform them of their ill gotten gains and the suffering of local communities.”

Mr Temple added that President of the DkIT, Denis Cummins, has made himself available for a meeting with residents.

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