Ardee Community School students
are high achievers in mathematics

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It has been a very busy autumn for students at Ardee Community School.

It has been a very busy autumn for students at Ardee Community School.

On arriving back to school after the mid-term break, Raivo Ruikis and Conor Myers received a letter from the state exams commission (SEC) which said they had both been identified as high achievers in mathematics in the Junior Certificate Examinations.

As a result, the students were invited to participate in the 2014 Irish Beaver Computing Competition (IBCC).

The IBCC is the Irish branch of Bebras International, an online international computational thinking challenge for students from over 40 countries.

The Irish Bebras contest is a competition which aims to raise awareness of computer science in a fun and rewarding way. It is designed to get Irish students at a young age excited about computing.

It also aims to identify and encourage students who have a talent in the area of computational thinking. The questions are in the form of engaging puzzles, related to computer programming.

Bebras is the brainchild of Professor Dr Valentina Dagiene, from Vilnius University, Lithuania.

The first Bebras trial began in Lithuania 2004. Its aim was to check selected technologies for the contest and to evaluate the level of complexity of the presented problems.

Both Ardee students are thrilled that they have received top marks in the Junior Certificate Mathematics exam and they are both delighted to be competing in the Irish Beaver Computing competition.

And congratulations also to Clídhna Matthews, a senior student at Ardee Community School who won a competition hosted by the schools art department.

This involved producing an original design for a Christmas card to be used by Ardee and Mid-Louth Hospice.

Clídhna’s card design was chosen from many great entries.

She was congratulated by Breege Conlon, chairperson and Josie Duff.

The cards will be sold locally and all proceeds will go to Ardee and Mid-Louth Hospice.

So don’t forget to support this good cause coming up to Christmas.

The Ardee and Mid-Lout Hospice depends on voluntary fundraising.