Horrified mother finds used
needle in trees near her home

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A Dundalk parent was

A Dundalk parent was

horrified to find a discarded syringe in the trees near her home on Wednesday of last week.

Michelle McCarthy, who lives at the Castleross estate on the Castletown road said she was dismayed and horrified to find the syringe still with the

needle and other drug

paraphernalia near her home.

“I was walking home after picking my children up from school when myself and other residents discovered the needle thrown into the trees beside my house,” said Michelle.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful and not the type of thing you think you are going to see as you are walking your children home from school.”

Martin Smith of the Dundalk Republican Network for Unity says he was notified by angry residents in the estate with

regards to a discarded syringe with needle and other drug paraphernalia discarded

beside the home of a young resident with children.

“The gardai were informed along with Dundalk town council by the residents,” said Mr Smith.

“However it was hours before the council came to remove the items.

“They were notified at 12.30pm and didn’t remove the items until 3.30pm.

“This is totally unacceptable and Dundalk RNU totally slams the town council for not

responding quicker, and the gardai for basically claiming they are not responsible.”