Time for “leftys” to celebrate

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Today is Left-Hander’s Day when being a “lefty” is celebrated all over the world!

Today is Left-Hander’s Day when being a “lefty” is celebrated all over the world!

Only about 10 percent of the population write with their left hand – a trait tenuously tied to intelligence and creativity, not to mention inky pinkies and inconvenient smudge marks. With it being a more common trait in men than in women.

Sometimes, living in a world designed for right-handed people can be quite difficult for a lefty.

Opening doors, writing in spiral notebooks, and using a computer mouse can be awkward and frustrating.

Here is a list of some (but not all) of the many advantages of being left handed.

· Studies have shown that left-handedness is often associated with intellectual creativity. Famous left-handers include Michelangelo, Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Henson, Bill Gates and Justin Bieber

· President Obama is left handed

· Lefties have an easier time writing in Hebrew

· Multi-tasking. In general, lefties are visual-simultaneous thinkers. This means that they see the big picture, rather than thinking in a linear fashion. Thus, they tend to be more successful at multi-tasking

· Lefties are faster typers

· Less time in line. Studies show that most people veer to the right if there are multiple lines to choose from, but lefties tend to choose the line on their dominant side

· Left handed people adjust more easily to seeing underwater. Bizarre as it may sound, one of the benefits of being left handed is being able to adjust more easily to see the world around you when you’re underwater.

· Left handed men may make more money. All that genius has to lead to something, right? According to studies, left handed males who have gone to college earn 13 percent more than their right handed counterparts.