Find out about your
family in the Rising

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Ever wondered if someone in your family was involved in the Easter Rising.

Ever wondered if someone in your family was involved in the Easter Rising.

Echoes of 1916 is a new workshop to help you find out. It will be held next Tuesday on 1 July at 7.30pm in Oriel Centre Goal Dundalk.

It is an attempt to create, in Louth, a large community action research project which seeks to empower individuals, young and old, to research their own personal background and try to find out where their own ancestors may have been in 1916. The project is inclusive and is not tied to the 1916 Rising in Ireland or indeed to being Irish. It may well be that your roots extend as far away as Africa, Europe or other parts of the world - these histories will be equally as valid.

Delivered by Upstate Theatre Project in conjunction with Drogheda Local Voices. Anyone who cares to begin to research their family history and lend their research to the project for artistic interpretation further down the line. The initial workshops are designed from a historical research perspective (the art comes later in the project). Historian Conor McNamara of Notre Dame University will deliver the series giving background to the era and tips on how to begin to research. The intention is to first interest people in the idea of research and secondly to empower individuals to begin to research their own family histories by illustrating the initial stages of genealogical research particular to the period in question. As well as workshops, there will also be online support.

The first in the free workshop series - “A strange Kind of Glory - 1916 in County Louth” with Conor McNamara, takes place next Tuesday 1 July at the Oriel Centre Dundalk Gaol at 7.30pm.

People can join by emailing or by phoning the company at 041 9844227. This project is delivered by Upstate Theatre Project and is supported by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund, through the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation PEACE III Programme managed by County Louth Peace and Reconciliation Partnership.

For more contact Elaine Cronin or Declan Mallon in Upstate Theatre Project on 041-9844227 or or