Revenue says first phase highly successful

The average Local Property Tax (LPT) liability in Louth worked at €157 new figures have revealed.

The average Local Property Tax (LPT) liability in Louth worked at €157 new figures have revealed.

There were an unprecendented rush to file online and over the phone last Monday and Tuesday, with Revenue resorting to extending the deadline by half a day in order to deal with the backlog.

The Revenue branding the voluntary phase of collecting the tax as “extremely successful” with over 88% of households (1.68million) filing their the LPT return this week

Josephine Feehily, Chairman of the Revenue Commissioners, today (29/05/13) announced initial details regarding the voluntary phase of the Local Property Tax before the Joint Committee on Finance, Pubic Expenditure and Reform.

Speaking before the Committee, Ms. Feehily said: “Because the Register was compiled from several databases we knew that some people would receive letters in error and we would be missing some properties.

“We continued to build the register even as the issue of returns was ongoing and ultimately we issued LPT Returns, personalised letters and an LPT Guide in respect of just over 1.69 million residential properties either by post or by way of their Revenue Online Service (ROS) inbox. In our communications plan we also advised property owners that even if we didn’t contact them they have an obligation to file”

“The outcome of the voluntary phase of Local Property Tax has been extremely successful and I am pleased to be able to advise the Committee that LPT Returns have now been filed in respect of 1,517,902 properties. Next week, when the Department of Finance announces the end May Exchequer figures, I expect that it will include over €100 million of this new tax, transferred by Revenue to the Exchequer. This result is a credit to the work of teams of people in Revenue and more importantly to the taxpayers who responded. They show once again that voluntary tax compliance is very high in this country.

These numbers do not include about 160,000 residential properties where the local authorities or a social housing group is liable, and for whom special payment provisions were made in legislation… Including these we have voluntary compliance in respect of some 1.68 million properties”.