‘No more boring wood veneer for me thanks to Anne Sloan!’

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ANNIE Sloan Rocks! “Annie who?”, I hear you say …. Well if you haven’t heard of Ms. Sloan then you must not be aware of this new painting revolution!

ANNIE Sloan Rocks! “Annie who?”, I hear you say …. Well if you haven’t heard of Ms. Sloan then you must not be aware of this new painting revolution!

DIY enthusiasts are foresaking the new for the old by up-styling their dated dressers, tired tables and bedraggled bedframes, many with the help of Annie Sloan and her patented Chalk Paint.

A budding painting revolutionary myself, I had heard of this Chalk Paint craze and decided to dip my toe or should I say brush in the water by booking myself into an Annie Sloan Painting course to see what all the fuss was about. Luckily there is one right on my doorstep run by Gillian Corcoran of Quaint, Blackrock .

Truth be told I had long since tired of my knotted pine floors, laminated doors and my mahogany staircase just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. My 1970’s abode is, for sentimental reasons, a lovely family home given that I was born and reared within its stippled walls, and it is where I now raise my own two girls. But stylish it ain’t and I had decided to rectify this the cheapest way I could … with a good old fashioned lick of paint.

I enrolled in the course and arrived at the shop on a sunny Saturday morning to meet with my fellow classmates. It wasn‘t long before we were all on first name terms and chatting excitedly as Gillian escorted us on foot to her nearby workshop in the tranquil olde world setting of the ‘Secret Garden Market’ just off Blackrock’s Main Street.

It was there amongst the whimsical setting of curios and curiosities that she brought us through a 3 hour demonstration of Annie Sloan Painting techniques. Thanks to Gillian’s easy style and the genuine interest of the group, the time flew by. She presented each of us with a blank wooden board and convinced us that by the end of the class we would have transformed it into something to be proud of, and low and behold, she was right.

Gillian expertly led us through three painting techniques all the while educating us about the properties and uses of Annie Sloan paints and waxes.

As I sat there listening to her I found my mind wandering through every room in my home, making a detailed inventory of everything I could possibly paint and I do mean everything. There’s that old wicker chair I inherited from my mother, never liked it…that’s getting a new look and just think of what I could do with the card table in the good room. Finishes, pallets and waxes swirled through my mind and it was then that I knew I was hooked. And I wasn’t alone as I found out at the coffee break when one woman was busy planning a whole new look for her kitchen units and another first time mum outlined her plans for the new baby’s room.

After the workshop we were all invited back to Quaint where we had the chance to ask yet more questions . The sense of enthusiasm was palpable and I for one left that place a changed woman …no more boring wood veneer for me!

From now on my motto is ‘If it can be painted, it will be painted!’