Local group in bid to name
Narrow Water Bridge

THE Carlingford and Mourne Region are to lodge a proposal to title the Narrow Water Bridge the Carlingford and Mourne Peace Bridge.

THE Carlingford and Mourne Region are to lodge a proposal to title the Narrow Water Bridge the Carlingford and Mourne Peace Bridge.

“We, in the trade are in the business of marketing in a manner that will put hard cash in the pockets of the people within our communities. We are not in the ‘business’ of politics or territorial importance naming. We need to be clever when we title this bridge – it is essential to utilise this to make a real difference in real lives’.

“We should use research and analysis to ensure that the visitor can find us first. Maintaining jobs and skills in our individual communities depends on this approach. Remember that the tourist themselves might not walk into every business but the person employed in the tourism sector as a result of increased tourists and spend here, will walk into that business and be able to spend money.” Kevin Woods, Sales Director CAM

The successful Carlingford and Mourne brand is now the most popular tourism site on the search engines including Google and its 10 month old Facebook page now exceeds every other site along the north east coast due to considerable investment by the company.

Carlingford and Mourne (CAM) Region was defined in 2012 and at its launch earlier this year, Tourism Minister Michael Ring recognised the sensible and forward thinking approach in marketing the area as a region, agreeing that this was the only way to make an impact on a busy international marketplace.

The company’s consistent efforts of successful lobbying for development projects to be progressed also include the opening of King Johns Castle and delivery of a coastal path between Carlingford and Omeath.

Speaking recently Frances Taylor, Marketing Director said ‘Carlingford and Mourne Region are committed to presenting and marketing this area as a region within the international marketplace. This bridge will directly deliver it as a definite and physical destination and every single town and village across the region will benefit from this development’.

“The bridge will be big news in 2015 and we intend to work hard to utilise this opportunity’. We have already suggested the importance of a cycle path to be included in the design of the bridge which will directly link it with existing cycle paths across the lough.”

The unique tourism management company are committed to improving the CAM destination which stretches from Dundalk, around Carlingford Lough, ending in Newcastle. They are confident that a lot more can be delivered and intend to focus on pursuing the international visitor and driving the region to emerge confidently on the world stage.