Velodrome to make Dundalk cycling capital

With the addition of an Outdoor Amenity Park and Cycling Velodrome, Dundalk could become the cycling capital of Ireland.

With the addition of an Outdoor Amenity Park and Cycling Velodrome, Dundalk could become the cycling capital of Ireland.

That is the view of Cuchulainn cycling club chairman, Pat O’Shaughnessy. According to Pat, Dundalk has “a strong cycling culture, backed up with a good road infrastructure, urban cycle lanes and the huge natural resources of the Cooley Mountains.”

With an increase in traffic it has become increasingly difficult to promote cycling and training.

It is one of the club’s main goals to encourage people of all ages to re-connect with the bicycle and thus the out-door way of life. With this in mind, they are putting forward a plan for a public amenity area that incorporates a number of out-door activities including walking, running, boarding / skating and cycling.

The cycling facilities would include an enclosed cycling track or velodrome, a BMX track, a multi-purpose loop track with a single track mountain bike trail and a playground. A velodrome and multi-purpose park would provide a safe environment for promoting and organising cycling at youth level.

It is proposed that the scheme shall include a BMX race track, a flood lit BMX / skate park and a multi-functional track. The trail track will link all the facilities on-site and will be approximately 1.1 km per lap. Various special stage areas including a water feature will be included along the track.

The track can be used by walkers, joggers and for cycling. A purpose built playground is also envisaged as part of the main amenity park.

Located on a site to be determined, the entrance avenue shall be tree-lined and vehicles parking at the area will also be placed in a specific area close to the main road.

The velodrome itself shall be semi-built into the contours of the site and be suitably landscaped and will accommodate spectators..

The proposed clubhouse will provide storage, toilet / changing and meeting room facilities. It may also provide spaces for retail and an administration office suite.

Club chairman Pat O’Shaughnessy, speaking at the launch said: “We want to develop a cycling park that will introduce the sport to this and future generations, as well as providing the people of Dundalk with a top class sporting facility, something that has never been done in Ireland in the past.”